Lets Invest in XL Shares!
Lets Invest in XL Shares!

Lets Invest in XL Shares!

31 Mar 2017

Shares are evidence of ownership of a company. Someone who owns shares of a company automatically becomes the owner (investor) of the company. Shares are investment instruments that can be traded.  Share ownership automatically entitles the investor on partial company’s profits. However, not all shares  can be easily traded. The shares of public companies that have been listed in the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) are shares that can be traded easily and affordably. It is easy because the shares can be purchased through the securities company applications that can be installed on personal gadgets and affordable because  the shares can be traded by retail  with minimum transaction of 1 lot or equal to 100 shares.

As one peyedia telecommunications and multimedia services in Indonesia, PT. XL Axiata Tbk.(“XL” or the “Company”) has sucessfully transformed into a strong company both in terms of business and organizations. For 20 years, XL continues to provide the best services to improve lives.  More bonded linkage with society has been marked XL’s shares listed in February 29, 2005 under stock code EXCL.

Upon listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange, XL presence bocome an attractive investment opportunity. A prominent telecommunication company with a base of around 46.5 million subscribers (as of December 2016) with various innovations and programs  during its 11 years in the stock exchange.

As one one of listed companies in Indonesia Stock Exchange, XL invites the public to own XL ’s shares, becomes not only as subscribers but also owning the Company.  Hence, XL existance in Indonesia is not only a solution to the needs of telecommunications and multimedia but also a profitable investment for the public.

The whole of society with any professional background can easily purchase XL shares through securities companies that are members of the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

Purchase its credit balance, Own the Company!                 

Lets Invest XL Shares!

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